Critical Updates: Day 18 of Ongoing Middle East Conflict

October 24, 2023 – War | Day 18 of #Israel – #Gaza #War

As tensions escalate, here’s what you need to know about the current situation:

Hezbollah, the Lebanese paramilitary organization, has confirmed the loss of at least 40 fighters since the conflict escalated on October 7, 2023.


Hezbollah, the Lebanese paramilitary organization, has confirmed the loss of at least 38 fighters since the conflict escalated on October 7, 2023.

🇺🇸🇸🇦 WH about Biden-MBS call: They also affirmed the importance of working towards a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians as soon as the crisis subsides, building on the work that was already underway between Saudi Arabia and the United States over recent months.Seems like a reference to Saudi-Israel normalization negotiations.

Full Report:

Comprehensive Dialogue: Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Address Middle East Crises

In a significant diplomatic engagement, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. communicated with Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, addressing various critical situations unfolding in the Middle East region. The dialogue emphasized the United States’ unequivocal support towards its allies in the face of terrorist threats emanating from both state and non-state actors. This communication comes at a pivotal time when the tension between Israel and Hamas threatens to disrupt the fragile stability of the region.

President Biden delineated ongoing diplomatic and military strategies aimed at deterring state and non-state actors from escalating the Israel-Hamas conflict further. The consensus between the two leaders underscored the necessity of broader diplomatic efforts to ensure regional stability and halt the conflict from spreading. They lauded Egypt’s initiative of delivering humanitarian aid into Gaza, acknowledging the dire need for sustained access to essential resources like food, water, and medical assistance for the civilians.

A notable aspect of the conversation was the endorsement of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s substantial contribution of $100 million to buttress these humanitarian endeavors. Additionally, the discussion touched upon the United States’ commitment to disburse $100 million to aid the response further. Both leaders expressed their gratitude towards ongoing efforts to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, vehemently calling for their immediate release.

The dialogue also shed light on the overarching aim of achieving a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians as the crisis abates. This goal builds upon the collaborative endeavors undertaken by Saudi Arabia and the United States over recent months. The leaders pledged to maintain close coordination both directly and through their respective teams in the forthcoming period, showcasing a united front in navigating the complex geopolitical landscape of the Middle East.

UN Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator says \’the aid delivered to Gaza so far is barely making a dent\’ and more is needed, \’we need it to include fuel\’.



Biden and Saudi Prince: U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the Israel-Hamas conflict. Both leaders agreed on the priority of preventing the conflict from expanding.

Fuel Controversy: An IDF spokesperson states that Hamas is using fuel for its operational needs and suggests it should return the fuel it took from UNRWA to hospitals.

These updates add another layer of international involvement to the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia discussing steps to prevent the escalation of conflict.


⚡️🇮🇱🇵🇸IDF says fuel won\’t be crossing into Gaza.


🔴 A ceasefire in the Gaza Strip would “only benefit Hamas.“ /The White house/

🔴 IDF Repels Attack: Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) state they\’ve repelled a sea attack in the Zikim area, north of Gaza.

🔴 Artillery Fire: Israeli forces respond with artillery fire on targets in Syria after projectiles were launched from there.

🔴 Fuel Restriction: IDF spokesman announces fuel will not be allowed into Gaza.

🔴 UN Meeting Cancelled: Israel\’s Foreign Minister cancels meetings with UN Secretary-General over comments regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

🔴 US Position: Pentagon says the U.S. has taken no stance on the legality of Israeli reoccupation of Gaza.

🔴 China-U.S. Talks: U.S. National Security Adviser Sullivan to meet China\’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi later this week.

🔴 Troop Security: The White House and Pentagon express deep concern about future attacks on U.S. forces in the Middle East.

🔴 No Mass Evacuations: U.S. not yet ready for mass evacuations from the Middle East.

🔴 Oil Production: Foreign oil companies in Iraq\’s Kurdish region may resume production within a month if an agreement is reached.

🔴 German Special Services: Arrest a supporter of ISIS who planned to ram a truck into participants of a pro-Israel rally.  

🔴 Hamas Claims: Says its forces have infiltrated the beaches of Zikim, south of Ashkelon, and armed clashes with Israeli forces are ongoing.  

🔴 Hamas Divers: Reports indicate that at least 6 Hamas divers have been eliminated during the clashes in the Zikim area.

🔴 US WH Kirby refused to support Macron\’s proposal re: anti-ISIS coalition being involved against Hamas.

🔴 Netanyahu\’s Mission: Netanyahu declares the next stage in the war is coming, with the mission to \”smash Hamas.\”

🔴 President Abbas\’ Statement: Calls for an immediate cessation of aggression and warns against military solutions that could lead to a regional or even world war.

🔴 French President Macron: Continues to support the Palestinian people and authorities.

🔴 Biden on Aid: States that aid is not reaching Gaza quickly enough.

🔴 Rocket Attack in Iraq: Two rockets have landed inside the Ain Al-Asad base housing U.S. troops.

🔴 Macron on Hamas: Describes Hamas\’s attack as a \”disaster\” for the Palestinian people, stating Hamas does not represent them.

🔴 Netanyahu\’s New Statement: Says Israel is striking its enemies with \”tremendous force,\” describing recent strikes as the hardest blow yet.

🔴 German Police Action: Arrest a man allegedly planning to ram a truck into crowds at a pro-Israel rally.

🔴 Rocket Launches from Syria: Reports indicate rockets have been launched towards the Golan Heights.

🔴 Biden on Gaza Aid: Reiterates that aid deliveries to Gaza are \”not fast enough.\”

JUST IN: Reports of rocket launches from Syria towards the Golan Heights

BREAKING: German police arrest man who allegedly wanted to ram a truck into crowds at a pro-Israel rally

BREAKING: France\’s president Macron says Hamas\’s attack is a \’disaster\’ for the Palestinian people and that Hamas does not represent the Palestinians

BREAKING: Netanyahu says \’we are striking our enemies with tremendous force\’, adds that the IDF\’s strikes on Gaza yesterday were \’the hardest blow\’ the enemy has faced so far.

Rocket Attack on Ain al-Asad Base: Initial reports confirm that two rockets have landed inside the Ain al-Asad base in Iraq, where US and coalition forces are stationed.

Netanyahu says the next stage in the war \’is coming\’, in which \’we only have one mission – to smash Hamas\’.

🔴 Saudi Embassy Evacuation: Saudi Arabia is evacuating the families of its diplomatic employees from Beirut Airport using Saudi Air Force flights.

🔴 Israeli Missile Incident: An Israeli Patriot missile has exploded in the airspace over the Shebaa area.

🔴 Saudi Foreign Minister\’s Call: Demands an immediate ceasefire, an end to the Gaza siege, and the initiation of a real peace process.

🔴 Lebanese Politician: Jumblatt\’s Warning: Concerns raised about being pulled into a conflict worse than the 2006 Lebanon war, specifically fears for the Beirut airport.

🔴 Israeli Raid on Qatamon: Israeli warplanes have launched a raid on the Qatamon area near the town of Rmeish, targeting the Harmon site.

🔴 Israeli Activity in Arqoub: Another raid reported on the outskirts of the town of Kafr Hamam in the Arqoub area.

BREAKING: The Saudi Embassy is now evacuating the families of diplomatic employees through Beirut Airport on Saudi Arabian military aircrafts.

Israeli Channel 12: Four gunmen were killed who tried to infiltrate Zikim Beach

Egypt\’s foreign minister says Israel\’s actions in Gaza \’do not align with self-defense\’

Alert Initial reports indicate a 107mm rocket attack on the Ain Al-Assad Airbase in Iraq, which hosts American and coalition forces.

\’The next stage of fighting is imminent,\’ Netanyahu tells IDF soldiers, stressing the \’sole goal is crushing Hamas\’

Germany\’s Chancellor Scholz says support for Israel will not impact aid for Ukraine

The Washington Post reports the 🇺🇸 US is preparing for \’the possibility that hundreds of thousands of American citizens will require evacuation from the Middle East\’ if the current conflict cannot be contained.

The Pentagon has deployed F-16 fighter jets to the Middle East to deter Iran from interfering in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has issued a stern warning: “If Iran or its proxies attack the U.S., make no mistake, we will defend our people and our security swiftly and decisively.”

Israel\’s foreign minister has cancelled his meeting with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres over the latter\’s comments that Hamas attack \’did not happen in a vacuum\’.

Israel\’s ambassador to the UN calls on the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres to resign over his comments that Hamas\’s attacks did not happen in a vacuum.

The U.S. Maritime Administration advises ships in the Red Sea to be on alert for airborne missiles and drones. This warning comes in light of the ongoing conflict in Israel and potential missile launches by Houthis in Yemen.

U.S.-Israel Relations: A U.S. official has confirmed delays in IDF’s ground invasion to complete preparations for a broader conflict. Deployment of THAAD and Patriot air defense systems in the Gulf, possibly Jordan and northern Iraq, is underway.

Al-Aqsa Mosque: Israeli security forces have cordoned off the religious site, not allowing entry.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: Hospitals are expected to run out of power within 48 hours. A scarcity of food, water, and medicine exacerbates the situation.

Hezbollah and IDF: Hezbollah has conducted at least 3 ATGM attacks against IDF targets near the Lebanese border. IDF retaliates with artillery and airstrikes but at a reduced scale compared to previous days.

Attacks on U.S. Bases: Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims to have targeted multiple U.S. bases in Syria with drones, hitting their targets.

International Stances: French President Emmanuel Macron proposes an international anti-Hamas coalition, later walking back on the statement.

Ukraine\’s Minister of Strategic Industries states that global weapon and ammunition production is insufficient to meet Ukraine\’s needs.

In a statement, Hamas announces that 35,000 fighters are prepared to confront Israeli forces in the event of a ground operation in Gaza.

Ukrainian experts have modified AIM-9M Sidewinder air-to-air missiles received from the U.S. for anti-aircraft and ground-launch capabilities.

During his visit to Israel, French President Emmanuel Macron proposes the formation of a regional and international coalition against Hamas.

China\’s Defense Minister Li Shanfu has been removed from his position.

NATO\’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg sends a letter to alliance members stating that Sweden should join NATO no later than November 28-29.

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