Decree by President Putin: Oath Mandate for Irregular Armed Groups Following Wagner Leader’s Death

In the aftermath of the tragic plane crash claiming the life of Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner group, Russian President Vladimir Putin enacted a significant decree on Friday. This decree obligates members of irregular armed groups, such as Wagner, to pledge an oath akin to that taken by regular army soldiers.

The published text of the decree emphasizes loyalty to Russia, strict adherence to commanders\’ orders, respect for the Russian constitution, and a commitment to courageously defend the nation\’s independence and constitutional order.

Interestingly, this decree extends to volunteer fighters and other military formations, including those formed during the Ukraine conflict. Despite Russian laws prohibiting mercenary groups, the government has often turned a blind eye to \”special military groups\” that officially provide security services. Wagner, with its involvement in Ukraine and other countries, is the most prominent example.

Coming two months after a short-lived rebellion led by Prigozhin against the Russian military leadership over the Ukraine invasion, the decree might be seen in a new light. The rebellion was mediated by Belarusian leaders and lasted only 24 hours.

The Russian authorities announced the death of Prigozhin, along with nine other individuals, including Wagner leaders, in a private plane crash near Moscow. The Kremlin, on Friday, explicitly denied any involvement in the incident or any attempt at Prigozhin\’s assassination as a reprisal for his rebellion.

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