Chain of Explosions, Fire, and Evacuations Shakes Crevedia, Romania

Key Points:

•	Multiple explosions at a Liquified Natural Gas storage site near Bucharest•	Threat of additional explosions from gas trucks in the vicinity•	Nearby arms factory at risk due to proximity of fire•	Evacuation of 3,000 residents in the immediate area


Series of Explosions Rock LNG Storage Site

Romanian media outlets have reported a series of devastating explosions that took place on Saturday evening in the city of Crevedia, located just 10 KM northwest of Romania’s capital, Bucharest. The incident occurred at a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility, with multiple casualties being reported.

First Responders Among the Injured

Most of the injuries are reported to be among firefighters who were battling the blaze. Four of them are scheduled to be transferred to hospitals in Brussels for specialized treatment.



Additional Explosion Threats

The situation is further complicated by parked trucks filled with gas, creating the potential for more explosions. Immediate intervention is crucial to prevent further escalation.

Illegal Operations

Adding to the complexity, the LPG station where the explosions occurred was reportedly shut down last year, implying that it has been operating illegally.

Nearby Arms Factory at Risk

Alarmingly, the fire is reported to be only 150 meters away from the Dragomiresti arms factory, amplifying the risk of a more catastrophic event.

Adjacent Storage Site Ablaze

The situation worsened as a storage site full of plastics adjacent to the arms factory also caught fire due to the explosions.

Mass Evacuation

To safeguard the public, approximately 3,000 people in the immediate vicinity have been evacuated.

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