Disbanding of PMC ‘Wagner’: Shift in Russian Defense Policy and Implications for Syria



State Duma deputy Viktor Sobolev has recently announced that the private military company (PMC) known as “Wagner” will cease to exist. According to Sobolev and other Russian officials, including Putin’s deputy, the group was regarded as an “illegal armed formation” that could potentially incite civil unrest within Russia.

Eligibility for Defense Ministry Contracts:

The disbanding of Wagner comes with an option for its fighters to sign contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry. However, this option is available only to those who did not participate in Prigozhin’s “march of justice,” thus excluding a segment of the company’s fighters.

International Reactions and Implications:

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-Bek Yevkurov recently visited Damascus following a trip to Libya. According to Arab sources, Yevkurov informed local allies about the necessity for the complete withdrawal of Wagner Group forces from Syria. This move could signal a shift in Russia’s foreign policy, particularly its military involvement in the Middle East.


The decision to disband PMC “Wagner” and integrate its fighters into official state structures reflects Russia’s effort to consolidate military power under state control. This development not only has domestic implications but also stands to influence Russia’s military activities in Syria and potentially other regions.

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