Coup D\’état in Gabon: Military Annuls Election Results, Dissolves Government Institutions

Military Nullifies Election Results in Gabon, Sparks Political Crisis


Coup Attempt Unfolds in Africa

In a shocking turn of events, the Gabonese military has announced the annulment of the recent national election results, essentially dissolving the current power structures in the country. This announcement came after incumbent President Ali ben Bongo Ondimba was declared the winner for a third term with over 64% of the votes.


No Term Limits, But Growing Dissent

Interestingly, the Gabonese constitution does not impose a limit on the number of terms a president can serve. However, the military\’s leadership openly expressed its discontent with this electoral outcome. In a televised statement, the army declared that it would not recognize the election results, raising questions about the legitimacy of the existing governance framework.

Violent Exchanges in Libreville

As of the latest reports from AFP, the situation has escalated dramatically in the capital city, Libreville. There are reports of automatic weapon fire exchanges, signaling a volatile and unstable situation on the ground.

Implications for Gabon and Beyond

This development not only plunges Gabon into political uncertainty but also raises larger questions about the stability of democratic institutions in Africa. International observers are keeping a close eye on unfolding events, as this crisis has the potential to significantly impact the region.

This marks yet another coup attempt in Africa, posing severe ramifications for governance and stability across the continent. The international community waits with bated breath as events continue to unfold.

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