Tesla’s Redesigned Model 3: A European Reveal Ushers in Next-Gen Luxury and Efficiency

In a move to solidify its foothold in the electric vehicle market, Tesla has announced a revamped Model 3, targeting European consumers. The redesign, previously known under the codename ‘Highland,’ brings significant changes that aim to couple luxury with performance.


Exterior Upgrades:

The exterior of the new Model 3 has been meticulously reshaped to enhance its aerodynamic profile. The front bumper, which used to sport a more pronounced hump, has been streamlined to feature a single central vent. Additionally, the car now dons slim, Audi-like LED daytime running lights, giving it a contemporary edge.

Interior Refinements:

Inside the cabin, the changes are equally impressive. The dashboard now offers LED lighting and a customizable panel. Steering wheel controls have been optimized; turn indicators are now button-operated, eliminating the traditional stalk.

Infotainment and Connectivity:

Tesla has updated the infotainment system to include a brighter, more responsive screen. The system allows passengers to toggle the air system, in addition to featuring enhanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The upgrade isn’t just about visuals and connectivity; the audio system now boasts 17 speakers, a step up from the previous 14.

Family-Friendly Features:

For families or groups frequently traveling with rear-seat passengers, Tesla has incorporated an 8-inch screen in the back, providing access to adjustable climate controls and a suite of entertainment apps including Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus.

Availability and Pricing:

Although Tesla has opened the redesigned Model 3 for orders in Europe and the Middle East, there is no word on its North American or UK availability as of now. Pricing starts at €42,990 for the rear-wheel-drive model and escalates to €50,990 for the long-range variant. Deliveries are slated to begin in October.

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