Imminent Shift in Ukraine Conflict: U.S. Weighs Sending Advanced Missiles to Kyiv

As the conflict in Ukraine rages on, the Biden administration is reportedly on the brink of approving a significant weapons shipment to Ukraine, according to multiple U.S. officials. This move could arm Ukraine with long-range missiles packed with cluster bombs, potentially enabling Kyiv to cause substantial damage within Russian-occupied territories.


Long-Range Options: ATACMS and GMLRS

The administration is pondering the shipment of either Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) with a range of up to 190 miles, or Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) missiles that have a 45-mile range. Both missile systems would be packed with cluster bombs, providing Ukraine with the ability to disperse munitions over a wide area.

Historical Perspective:

Cluster munitions have seen extensive use in modern conflicts but are controversial due to their indiscriminate nature and potential to cause civilian casualties. Their deployment often invites international scrutiny and poses ethical dilemmas.

Amplifying Ukraine’s Military Capabilities

Currently, Ukraine possesses 155mm artillery with a maximum range of 18 miles, carrying up to 48 bomblets. The proposed ATACMS could carry around 300 bomblets, while the GMLRS could disperse up to 404 cluster munitions, substantially amplifying Ukraine’s strike capabilities.

A Strategic Moment for Ukraine and U.S. Policy

This potential arms shipment comes at a critical juncture, as Ukraine is beginning to make progress against Russian forces. It signifies the Biden administration’s commitment to back Ukraine in this pivotal moment, according to U.S. sources.

Delicate Decisions Ahead

Despite the potential for rapid shipment, the decision is not yet final and could still fall through. The U.S. administration remains cautious, aware that sending such advanced weaponry could be perceived as an overly aggressive stance against Russia.

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