Detailed Analysis of Su-34 Landing Gear Incident at Voronezh Airport


An incident at Voronezh Airport recently caught global attention as a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber had to be abandoned by its crew due to a malfunctioning landing gear. Although the crew safely ejected without injuries, the incident raises questions about the aircraft’s safety mechanisms. This comprehensive report covers the incident’s details and offers insights into the Su-34’s technical specifications.


Su-34: A Brief Overview

The Russian Su-34 is a versatile dual-seat fighter-bomber with roles ranging from air-to-ground combat to reconnaissance. The aircraft, operational since 2014, is a product of the Sukhoi Design Bureau and has previously been deployed in conflicts such as the Syrian Civil War.

Specifications of Su-34

General Attributes

• Role: Fighter-bomber
• Crew: 2
• Length: 23.34 meters
• Wingspan: 14.7 meters
• Height: 6.09 meters
• Loaded Weight: 39,000 kg

Performance Metrics

• Top Speed: Mach 1.8
• Operational Radius: 1,100 km
• Service Ceiling: 15,000 meters


• Primary Gun: One 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannon
• Missiles: Options for R-27, R-77, and R-73
• Bombs: Capability for carrying various types, both guided and unguided

The Voronezh Incident: A Timeline

As the Su-34 was making its approach for landing at Voronezh Airport, a critical landing gear malfunction was detected. Following the safety protocols, the crew made the decision to eject, successfully abandoning the aircraft without any injuries.

The Importance of Landing Gear

Landing gear is one of an aircraft’s most critical systems, especially for a heavy-duty fighter-bomber like the Su-34. The incident underscores the need for rigorous maintenance and safety checks to ensure operational integrity.

Safety Measures and Future Implications


Though the crew was unharmed, the event serves as an important case study for understanding the Su-34’s safety features. Investigations are underway to examine the malfunction’s root cause and to improve safety protocols.


The incident involving the Su-34 at Voronezh Airport, while unfortunate, provides valuable insights into aircraft safety and the importance of robust emergency protocols. Though the aircraft’s general reliability has been proven over years of service, this event prompts a reevaluation of the Su-34’s safety measures.

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