The Spanish ALAKRAN Light Mortar Carrier: A Force Multiplier in Modern Warfare

In the wake of Spain’s ambitious FUERZA 35 military modernization initiative, the ALAKRAN Light Mortar Carrier has emerged as a game-changing asset for the Spanish Army. Conceived by Spanish firms NTGS and everis Aerospace & Defense, this vehicle promises a revolution in mortar deployment and usage. This article delves into the advanced capabilities and specifications of this cutting-edge system.

ALAKRAN Light Mortar Carrier

Historical Perspective

Mortar systems have evolved considerably since their inception during World War I. Traditional systems often compromised mobility for firepower, making rapid deployments challenging. ALAKRAN’s arrival marks a paradigm shift, offering a perfect blend of speed, accuracy, and durability.

Technical Overview

ALAKRAN Light Mortar Carrier

Base Vehicle

• Proposed for the Spanish Army: VAMTAC ST5

Fire Control System

• Integrated Fire Control
• Operable from inside the cab or externally
• Stated accuracy: Under 2mils
• GIS Technology
• Zonal Shooting and Multiple Rounds / Simultaneous Impact functions

Mortar Specifications

• Caliber: Up to 120mm
• Firing range: In excess of 8,000 meters
• Rate of fire: 12 rounds in the first minute, four rounds per minute thereafter

Key Features

Rapid Deployment

• Deploy and fire in under 30 seconds
• Redeploy within seconds after last round is fired


• Adaptable to different utility vehicles
• Ammunition: Capable of carrying up to 52 ready rounds of 120mm ammunition

Accuracy and Efficiency

• Low maintenance electro-pneumatic system
• Solid firing position facilitated by lowering the baseplate onto the ground


The ALAKRAN Light Mortar Carrier is more than just a military vehicle; it’s a force multiplier that elevates the capabilities of any armed force. As part of Spain’s FUERZA 35 initiative, ALAKRAN is setting a new standard in mobile artillery systems, promising to play a vital role in future conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

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